La zona hotelera de Cancún is notorious for its massive-scale resorts, its pristine beaches and overpriced malls, but could it be that it had more to offer?

Many tourists stop in Cancún, stay for a week or two and come back home feeling they have truly seen Mexico. They might have mumbled a few words in spanish to the groom at their hotel and eaten a taco or two at a restaurant while they were shopping for souvenirs to bring home to their relatives. They might even have booked a tour to Chichen Itza and taken a thousand pictures of this heritage site awarded as one of the seven new wonders of the world. But that’s usually where their Mexican story ends.

However, all is not lost as El Fish Fritanga exists. If a book were to be judged by its cover, this restaurant would not stand out from the myriad of food chains that pop up at every corner in Cancún, from surf’n’turf places to fried chicken or sushi restaurants. But El Fish Fritanga is definitely different and the locals that flock here don’t get it wrong.

Restaurants favored by locals are the sign that every tourist looking for off-the-beaten track experiences long for, and El Fish Fritanga is no exception. It is probably not a secret spot anymore though as more and more outsiders blend in with the locals and take a seat on one of the sought-after tables facing the beautiful bay or inside the warm courtyard.

The somewhat laid-back and welcoming atmosphere, along with a top-notch service, would be reason enough for bringing them together but the food that’s on offer is definitely what steals the show.

If you ever dreamed of savoring fresh seafood cooked to perfection, of sipping colorful cocktails or of enjoying a bite of crispy tostadas,  el Fish Fritanga is the place to go. It is without a doubt the place to go again if you want to taste overwhelmingly flavorful ceviche. Apart from being affordable and frankly out of this world, they are also available for take-away so that you can renew this heaven sent experience every single day of your stay.

El Fish Fritanga might very well be this one-in-a-million restaurant in a city only built for mass-tourism and entertainment but Mexico is full of even better and cheaper Fish Fritangas. It just takes a few hours away from Cancún to find them.

El Fish Fritanga – Kukulkan Blvd. Km 12.6, Zona Hotelera, 77500 Cancún, Q.R., Mexico