The Windmill Mayfair brings to life the comforting flavors of pies in an eccentric but alluring setting.

The classy bar inside the Windmill.

Once the threshold to this dimly-lit pub is crossed, there is no going back to the frantic crowds shopping on nearby Oxford Street. It seems a door has just opened to an alternate universe where intimate sofas and slightly old-fashioned cushions on wooden chairs call for a jump back in time.

An oddly compelling decoration where pictures of the Queen brewing beer befriend paintings of giant mythical pies adds to this somewhat quaint vision that brings together locals and tourists around fresh drink and dinner.

The Windmill’s charm of old does never feel archaic though and its young and friendly service perfectly adds up with the daring flavors on offer on the menu to create a strong sense of modernity that appeals to all ages.

But the heart of the matter does not simply rely on the pub’s atmosphere.

The Windmill is first and foremost a place of worship for pie-lovers and has been so for more than thirty years, sheltering under the roof of its special pie room generations of pilgrims on a quest to find the perfect pie.

Award-winning steak and mushroom pie.
Award-winning steak and mushroom pie.

National award-winning steak and kidney pies, creamy market fish pies, unconventional Game pies are all on the menu and all equally as cooked to perfection: crispy on the outside with a delicately smooth texture on the inside. 

The complementary mash is not of such a high standard, however, a bit too compact for my taste maybe. But the Allotment board shared platter, comprised of a fresh mint pea puree, grilled mushrooms and amazing little goat cheese’s bites, is an absolute treat.

It remains an open question whether the Windmill’s pies are the best in London but they are definitely worth every bite and quite possibly deserving of a second round.

Pies & Mash from £11.5 to £14.5

 The Windmill Mayfair, 6/8 Mill Street, London