Getting global

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My name is Clementine. I was born in France, studied in Tokyo, worked in Australia and I am now living in London. These past experiences helped me develop a strong interest for the world around me and all the things there were to know about it.

After travelling to those places and quite a few others in my (rather) short life, I decided to settle down for a little while and start studying journalism. The purpose of this blog is to publish some of my work as a journalist in training. It will feature the articles I am inspired to write, whether they are reviews of restaurants I enjoyed during my trips or completely unrelated topics such as portraits of historical figures or stories I wanted to explore. They will all have something in common though: getting to know a bit more about the world we live in and about its people, from both past and present.

Here’s quite a mission! But I hope I can make it somehow informative and entertaining, although it will most definitely not be perfect.


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